New Adobe’s AI Assistant That Can Help You To Large Documents

New Adobe's AI Assistant That Can Help You To Large Documents

Recently Adobe launched its own ai assistant , that can help you summarize PDFs documents, So get ready for this amazing new AI, In this article we are telling you all about Adobe’s AI Assistant,

Adobe made a new AI Assistant for they Acrobat program. This Assistant can take long documents , including PDFs , and make summaries so you don’t need to read the whole thing so it help you to reduce time and find things much faster.

They call it “AI Assistant” and it can work on PDFs and other files too. It can read Word and PowerPoint slides. To that AI you can asks what you want to know about the documents and its tries to find the most important stuff.

Is Adobe’s AI Assistant Free to use ?

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For now Adobe’s AI Assistant is launched with beta version, and the bad news is you have to pay for it. It comes with the Acrobat Pro subscription which is more than 20 bucks a month. Adobe says you can try it free for now while it’s being tested. But later you have to pay more if you want keep using it. So you can try to use beta for free here

What can Do ?

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This AI assistant can help you in many things. Using Acrobat Pro can try the AI Assistant beta now to work faster. It’ll come to regular Reader soon too. Don’t need to do anything complicated to set it up. Just open Reader or Acrobat and start using the new stuff:

  • AI Assistant: It suggests questions based on what’s in a PDF and answers questions about what’s in the document. Works by typing, not complicated menus.
  • Summary: Gets the main points from long documents into a quick overview that’s easy to read.
  • Citations: Shows where the AI got its answers from so you can check them.
  • Navigation: Clickable links to help find what you need fast in long PDFs.
  • Formatting: Can ask the AI to put key points into emails, presentations, reports, etc. Just click copy to paste it.
  • Privacy: Customer content not used to train the AI without permission.
  • Beyond PDFs: Works with Word, PowerPoint, transcripts, and more.

New way to Read PDFs?

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PDF is where people and organizations store their most vital info. 30 years after inventing it, Acrobat is still the top way to work with PDFs. It’s everywhere – on computers, the web, phones, standalone, built into Microsoft and Google apps.

AI Assistant has safeguards so all customers – from individuals to huge companies – can use it with confidence. Extra security options for business. Made to high ethical standards. Chooses the best AI tech for different needs. Won’t let outside AI train on customer data.

What is price of Acrobat Standard and Pro

This Acrobat can cost you £23.26 a month, or £13.14 a month with a year’s commitment. So try the beta first then decide is it worth to buy or not. No Extra Charge at First Beta . Adobe says using the AI Assistant will not cost extra while it’s being tested. But after, you’ll need an add-on plan to unlock all the features.

Final Words

The Adobe’s Acrobat AI assistant is still being improved but looks futuristic. It may change how people work with PDFs and read long reports. But it not comes with free plan for sure in next days. Adobe will want money soon to keep using it.

So try the beta version first to see if you like it. See if the time savings are worth spending money on after testing it out a certain time period . It could be a whole new way to work with documents.

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