Amazon Fire HD 10 Review (2024): Most Affordable TAB

Amazon Fire HD 10 Review
Amazon Fire HD 10 Review

Amazon Fire HD 10 Review: When the question concerns design, the Amazon Fire HD 10 might not be the best tablet in the market. Having been there for so long, the design didn’t change much. Thick bezels encircling the 10-inch screen are easy to spot. Sometimes, it is this option that might display the right outputs. It might weigh more than a regular tablet, but the bulky bezels will make it comfortable for one-hand hold as well as put it under sturdier control which can be resistant to falls, especially for families or clumsy users. Let’s get to the point, in this article, I’ll share the Amazon Fire HD 10 Review with pros and cons.

Here is the Amazon Fire HD 10 Review

Amazon Fire HD 10 OS

Once the user boots his/her Fire HD 10, he/she will face Amazon’s Fire OS interface if he/she is running Android/IOS which must be updated. The design may be resemblant to the old users depending on the variety of new features that are incorporated in the latest Amazon apps and services, however, fresh users can enjoy the newer app versions. The home screen layout is simple: apps are shown on the screen in an orderly manner, and a useful “continue” bar is available to enable the user to access current tasks with little effort. Along with the prime loads of the apps that are the brand’s operation, it is possible to install other apps from the Amazon Appstore, such as popular streaming media services and games.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Storage

The item Fire HD 10 includes the basic version with 32GB storage, with around 25GB of the latter available for user use. Though apparently not so wide, the tablet can work with microSD memory cards up to a terabyte, and so you can have enough space to use on a media and application installation. Though, there were some reports that a few microSD cards have caused problems and led to bugs in devices, take precautions. Also, it is possible for consumers to purchase a 64GB model but you should pay extra to have it.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Features

Another amazing feature of the Fire HD 10 is its ability to give voice-control options to users, hence making it possible to communicate more smoothly with a smart home device. The tablet has also been equipped with the “Show Mode”, which acts as your assistant if you personalize its features and is a perfect option for a myriad of activities as it can be a digital photo frame.

Fire HD 10 Display and Audio

Fire HD10 comes with a 10.1-inch IPS display, this display is not the best in the market but for its price consideration, the Fire HD 10 display is considered a pretty good deal. Poles display the best dimensions which are relatively higher resolution and more precise in the details. Though not the best, they offer a nice viewing to watch movies, read, and browse either on the web or TV. The tablet’s stereo speakers provide at least standard audio quality, otherwise using headphones or connecting them via Bluetooth for a better individual sound experience.

Fire HD 10 Performance and Battery

A MediaTek chipset and 3GB of RAM that run this device, make the Fire HD 10 capable of meeting everyday usage very well; however, more heavy-duty apps might be prone to slow down. It should last at least 13 hours as indicated, but the actual duration may be more like 10 hours if you use this tablet, particularly depending on the usage pattern. Charging the tablet with the 9W charger takes about four hours but some more powerful options could be provided if you choose to use compatible chargers.

So, this was the Amazon Fire HD 10 Review, in short, if you’re looking for an affordable tab, and don’t have a budget for an iPad then must prefer to take Fire HD, in my opinion, add some budget and get iPad 10th gen at least. iPad is a good investment for a long period of time.

Storage32GB (expandable up to 1TB)
Display10.1-inch IPS
PerformanceMediaTek chipset, 3GB RAM
BatteryUp to 13 hours
FeaturesVoice control, Show Mode, stereo speakers
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