Read Aloud: Feature Allow ChatGPT To Read Out Your Chat

ChatGPT Read Aloud

OpenAI Read Aloud :- OpenAI made a new feature for ChatGPT. It is called Read Aloud. With Read Aloud, ChatGPT can speak its chats / answers out loud to you. This will be very helpful when you are walking or doing other work.

ChatGPT can speak in 37 different languages! It will automatically detect which language the text is written in. Then it will read out the answer in that same language using a ai voice.

Is “Read Aloud” available on free version?

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Yes, Read Aloud is compatible with both the GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 versions of ChatGPT. This demonstrates ChatGPT’s versatility it can write, read, and now even speak! You can get this feature on free and paid version of ChatGPT.

Another AI company called Anthropic added speaking abilities to their AI models recently too. So it seems talking AI assistants are becoming more common now.

Whats new in this Feature?

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ChatGPT already had a voice chat in September 2023. With that, you could directly speak your questions to ChatGPT without typing. But the new Read Aloud lets ChatGPT read back its written responses using a voice.

You can also set ChatGPT to always reply with speech instead of writing, if you prefer hearing over reading the answers.

How To Use ChatGPT Read Aloud

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On mobile phones and tablets, you just need to tap and hold on the text to start the Read Aloud player. Then you can play, pause or rewind ChatGPT’s spoken response.

For the ChatGPT website on computers, you will see a small speaker icon under the written answer. You click on that to hear the AI assistant read the text out loud.

Final Words

So now ChatGPT can talk and you can listen its voice. This feature made using the smart AI bot even easier.

So what you guys think about this feature? comment down below. It is helpful if you are not want to read on small screens like mobile phones.

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