Search WhatsApp Messages by Date With This Easy Trick !

Search WhatsApp Messages by Date With This Easy Trick !

Search WhatsApp Messages by Date :- WhatsApp is a very popular app for sending messages on phones. It keeps getting new features that make it even better. One new thing is you can now search for old messages by date. This helps you find a message from a certain day. I will explain how it works.

Searching messages by date is very useful

Before, searching old WhatsApp messages was hard. You had to type a word and look through many messages to maybe find what you wanted. But now if you remember the date a message was sent or received, you can just search by that date. Then WhatsApp will show you those messages. It makes finding old messages much faster and easier!

How To Find WhatsApp Messages by Date

The new WhatsApp message search by date works best in the latest app version. But it’s rolling out widely already, so most people can use it. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open a WhatsApp chat you want to search.

Step 2: Now click on 3 dot menu in the top right.

Untitled design 5

Step 3: Tap “Search” in the menu.

Step 4: You’ll see the usual search overlay, but now there’s also a calendar icon on the right.

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Step 5: Tap the calendar icon and input the date you want. WhatsApp will show all messages from that date.

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That’s all there is to it! Once you enter a date, you can scroll through the messages from that day. It works for both group chats and individual messages.

If you’re good at remembering dates, this makes finding old WhatsApp messages much faster. No more guessing key words and digging through conversations. Just pick the date, and boom – you’ll see that day’s messages right away.

Final Words

WhatsApp’s allow users to find specific chat from specific date, with this steps you can find WhatsApp messages by date. You don’t need to scroll to much when you can just look up chats from a specific date. It’s great for both personal and group messages too. This simple calendar tool makes message searching 100x easier.

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