Google Going Add Satellite SOS Feature to Pixel Phones In 2024

Google Going Add Satellite SOS Feature to Pixel Phones In 2024

Satellite SOS: Companies like Qualcomm and Samsung have previously tried to add satellite connections to phones but failed. But Apple succeeded in doing this with its iPhone Emergency SOS via Satellite feature. Now Google may also figure out satellite emergency services for its Pixel phones.

What is Satellite SOS ?

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Satellite SOS is like a super emergency button in space. It’s a way for people in trouble to send a signal from anywhere on Earth to get help quickly. Just like calling 911 but from way up high in the sky!

Some leaked screenshots show Google is testing a “Satellite SOS” feature in settings menus. This would help Pixel phone users connect to emergency services when they can’t get Wi-Fi or cell signals. It seems similar to the way Apple’s iPhone emergency satellite feature works.

In the settings, users could try demos of Satellite SOS or test a real emergency mode. There’s a disclaimer saying your name, number, location and emergency contacts may get shared when messaging emergency services.

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It’s not confirmed if Satellite SOS would be exclusive to Pixel phones or added to other Android phones too. Some Android processor chips also support satellite connections. So other Android models might have the hardware to run it. But Google hasn’t said if non-Pixel Androids could use the feature.

Since details are still unclear, we’ll have to wait and see if Google enables emergency satellite connections for non-Pixel phones as well. Adding the feature to more Android devices would help more users. But Google may make it an exclusive Pixel perk so people choose those phones. We’ll have to keep watching for more updates as Google develops its satellite emergency plans.

Final Words

We’ll have to wait and see if Google adds emergency “Satellite SOS connections for non-Pixel Android phones too. More Android devices could help more users. But Google may keep it Pixel-only. What do you think about this comment below?

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