This Reason Enough To Install iOS 17.4 Right Now

This Reason Enough To Install iOS 17.4 Right Now

iOS 17.4 UPDATE:- Apple company makes new updates for iPhone and iPad. The name of the update is iOS 17.4 and iPad OS 17.4. This new update is significant for all Apple users.

Many people talking about how this update lets you use other app stores on iPhone, not just Apple App Store. But this only works if you live in a European country, like France or Germany. People in America and other places cannot use other app stores yet.

But the most important part of the new update is it fixes two big security problems. These problems are so serious, that they let bad hacker people get into your iPhone or iPad easily. The hackers can see all your private information and do bad things.

The two security problems in the update are called “zero-day bugs.” This means hackers already finding these bugs and using them to attack people’s iPhones and iPads! Nobody knew about bugs until now when Apple found them.

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One bug in iPhone/iPad kernel, another bug in something called RTKit. These bugs let hackers go around all the security on the device. Hackers get full control if they use these bugs.

So you must update your iPhone and iPad right away before hackers attack you! Navigate to General > Software Update after opening the Settings app. To install the latest iPadOS 17.4 or iOS 17.4 update, adhere to all installation instructions.

Do this update immediately very fast! If you do not update, Hackers can steal all your information and do illegal criminal things on your device.

Which devices are affected?

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Apple says many devices are affected by these security bugs. Apple devices like

  • iPhone XS and new ones,
  • iPad Pro models,
  • iPad Air 3rd and above models,
  • iPad 6th and above models,
  • iPad mini 5th and above models,

Basically, all new iPhones and iPads from the past few years have this serious security problem.

What you do if you have old Apple iOS Devices

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So if you have had any iPhone or iPad for the past 4-5 years, you must update now! No wait, hackers already using these bugs to attack. Protect your private data and install security updates straight away. Then you are safe from bad people trying to get into the device.

The two zero-day security bugs Apple fixed in the new iOS 17.4 update are very very dangerous. Zero-day means bad hackers already finding the bugs and using them to attack people before anyone else knows about bugs.

Who is behind this Attack?

Usually, only very skilled expert hacker groups use zero-day exploits like this. Some of these groups work for governments in other countries, like China or Russia. These state-supporting hacking teams to become very advanced and good at hacking.

Apple did not tell anyone more details about how the bugs were used by hackers to do bad things. Apple security teams may have found bugs themselves, or outside researchers may have told Apple about the bugs. We do not know for sure.

Apple devices like iPhone and iPad have strong built-in security to protect from hackers. But hackers getting better and better at breaking into Apple devices too nowadays. Researchers say last year 2023, there were 20 different zero-day exploits that hackers use to attack Apple products! Double the number from the previous year.

Already in 2024, three zero-day attacks on iPhones and iPads patched by Apple updates. Hackers work very hard to find new ways into Apple devices all the time.

These kind of hacker exploits show why it is so important to update your devices as soon as new security updates come out. If you have no update, leave the device open for bad hackers to get in and steal data or do other illegal activities.

Final Words

The hacker groups out there are very smart and skilled these days. They have lots of resources and manpower. Leaving your iOS iPhone or iPad without the latest security updates is like giving open doors to these criminal hackers. Very dangerous!

So you must install the new iOS 17.4 update right away when available for your device model. No delay, hackers already taking advantage of these zero-day bugs to attack. Update to the latest iOS immediately to stay protected and safe from the bad people trying to hack your Apple devices.

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