Will Google Ever Make a New Pixelbook 2 Laptop?

Will Google Ever Make a New Pixelbook 2 Laptop?

Pixelbook 2:- Do you want to buy the best Chromebook laptop? You see only one option made by Google company itself. This one is called Pixelbook Go but it is outdated now. But Pixelbook Go is very very old. It first came out in 2019 – four years ago!

The first Pixelbook model was introduced in 2017 and preceded Pixelbook Go. So it has been a super long time since Google made a new laptop for ChromeOS.

This is a strange thing. Why is Google not making new laptops? Google making lots of new phones and tablets these days. Like recently they announced the Pixel 7a phone. They also working on a Pixel Fold folding phone to fight with Samsung.

See, Google keeps updating its phone family regularly. But the poor laptop category was left behind gathering dust! And remember – ChromeOS is Google’s own special operating system made for laptops and tablets. Still they ignored ChromeOS laptops for years!

People saying maybe Google shut down the team that was making Pixelbook laptops. So possibly no “Pixelbook 2” new model coming at all from Google. This is very sad news if true.

But we can still wish and dream a little bit right? If by some miracle Google decides to make Pixelbook 2, it can become one of the absolute best premium Chromebooks ever!

Our Wishes for Dream Pixelbook 2

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1. Extreme Power

The original Pixelbook had good powerful specs when it launched years ago. But the new Pixelbook 2 needs to be a total beast! It must have the latest fastest processors from Intel or AMD companies.

The reason is Chromebooks these days running lots of heavy web apps like Slack, Spotify, and Gmail. Plus Android mobile apps and games too. Google needs to put best best top-level hardware inside Pixelbook 2. No compromises!

2. Battery Life King

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When you use a laptop outside, battery life is super important, right? Nobody likes charging machines again and again in a single day. Chromebooks running Google’s ChromeOS have an advantage here.

With cloud storage, and no heavy software running locally, ChromeOS is light and easy on the battery. So Pixelbook 2 should work an insanely long time without charging. Like 15-20 hours at least! That way it beats all other laptops’ battery timing.

3. Hybrid Tablet Too

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The very first Pixelbook could fold and become a tablet too! It even supported a stylus pen for writing. This made it not just a laptop, but an awesome tablet as well for artists or students.

The new Pixelbook 2 must keep this hybrid design. Let the screen fold all the way back into tablet mode. Let it run Android apps smoothly with stylus pen support. Then Pixelbook 2 will be the most versatile portable computer ever!

Final Words

See, Google already proved they can make lovely premium hardware gadgets with Pixel phones and tablets lately. But they totally forget about the laptop side of things!

There is big demand and space for powerful convertible Chromebooks with super long battery from Google brand. A Pixelbook 2 with our dream features will easily beat all other laptops and Chromebooks.

We are begging Google – please please make Pixelbook 2 happen soon! Give us the ultimate ChromeOS laptop/tablet hybrid we all want and deserve. Fingers crossed they will listen to fans finally!


Is a New Pixelbook 2 Laptop Coming Soon from Google?

Google Pixelbook was a laptop computer. But Google decided not to make a newer version, called Pixelbook 2. They also stopped the team that was working on it. This all thing happened in 2022. maybe it comes in the future.

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