Dell Inspiron 14 Plus Review: Specs & Other Details (2024)

Dell Inspiron 14 Plus Review
Dell Inspiron 14 Plus Review

Dell Inspiron 14 Plus Review: If you want a sleek and lightweight laptop then Dell Inspiron 14 Plus will be a good option. This laptop comes with a premium design that pretty much looks like a MacM1, so, if you’re getting this laptop or planning to get it in a few weeks or are a tech enthusiast this article is for all, so, in this article, I’ll share Dell Inspiron 14 Plus review with its specs and features.

Here is the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus Review & Specs

Inspiron 14 Plus Design

Inspiron 14 Plus is a sleek and premium laptop that pretty much looks like Mac, as I mentioned earlier. If you’re a student or a professional video editor then you’ll love the laptop because the laptop is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere. If we talk about the real weight of the laptop then it weighs 1.60kg which is pretty light compared to any other Windows laptop or even Mac.

Inspiron 14 Plus Display

Inspiron 14 Plus offers a 14-inch 2.2K anti-glare with a pixel resolution of 2240×1400. The device has a peak brightness of 300 nits which is quite a decent level of brightness, you can work outside without any problem. With that, it also offers a backlit keyboard.

If you’re a gamer does this display specs good or not? You can get the laptop as it’s good for an intermediate gamer but if you want good resolution and smoother gameplay then to be honest, I suggest you go for the Asus Scar 18 series.

Dell Inspiron 14 Plus Review
Dell Inspiron 14 Plus Review

Inspiron 14 Plus Hardware

Inspiron 14 Plus comes with Intel Core Ultra 7 processor 155H processor that has 16 cores, and 22 threads. The laptop will be good for a student or a video editor. You can edit 4K clips on this laptop with any legginess. You can use any editing software like Premier Pro, DaVinci, photoshop, or any editing software without any frame drops.

If we talk about the operating systems then it comes with Windows 11 Pro, with that, you’ll also get a 30-day free trial offer of Microsoft Office and 1-month free McAfee+ security.

Inspiron 14 Plus: Ports, Memory, Storage

Inspiron 14 Plus has all the necessary ports:

HDMIVersion: 1.4 <br> Max Resolution: 1920×1080 @ 60Hz <br> Supports 4K/2K: No
Thunderbolt 4.0N/A
USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-AN/A
Universal Audio JackNote: 3.5mm Universal audio jack functionality varies by model configuration. For best results, use Dell recommended audio accessories

The laptop comes in two RAM variants 16GB and 32GB LPDDR5X. The storage you’ll get in both variants will be 1TB.

Dell Inspiron 14 Plus Review & Specs

DesignSleek and lightweight, resembles Mac.
Display14-inch 2.2K anti-glare, 2240×1400 resolution, 300 nits brightness, backlit keyboard. Good for intermediate gamers.
HardwareIntel Core Ultra 7 processor, 16 cores, 22 threads. Good for students and video editing. Windows 11 Pro OS included.
Ports, Memory, StorageAll necessary ports. Available in 16GB and 32GB RAM, 1TB storage.

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