How To Access Grok AI For Free ?

How To Access Grok AI For Free ?

There’s is new AI chatbot called Grok AI on, and you can try it out in detail now. This article is all about showing you how to access Grok AI for free and checking out what it can do. We’ll explore different things like research, email writing, marketing, data analysis, problem-solving, and more. We’ll also compare Grok AI with other chatbots like Chat GPT and Bard.


To access Grok you need paid subscription of X Premium , Grok is Elons new AI! Released on 7, 2023, it’s not your typical chatbot ,it’s sassy, smart, and ready to teach life skills. Get the lowdown on Grok’s features, humor, and its unique take on things.

How To Access Grok AI For Free ?

Grok AI is not available for free , You need to pay 16$ per month to use it.

Subscription Information: Grok requires an X Premium Plus subscription, priced at $16 per month. The process of upgrading is explained, emphasizing the need for Premium Plus to access Grok.

How to join Early Access of Grok AI


Visit xAI’s website, and find blog post about Grok, the new AI chatbot, Released on November 4th. This post spills the beans on what Grok is all about.

Grok is like a smart buddy inspired by The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, ready to handle almost any question and even help you figure out what questions to ask ,a real clever companion!

In their blog post on November 4th, 2023, xAI starts by mentioning The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a show turned into a novel and later a film. Since CEO Elon Musk is known for his playful online style, it’s no surprise that his AI chatbot will answer questions with a bit of humor and a rebellious touch.

xAI says Grok will be special because it’ll have real-time knowledge of the world, thanks to the X platform’s data source. It’s supposed to tackle bold questions that most other AI systems avoid. Get ready for some spicy questions exploring free speech, large language models (LLM), and AI safety a philosophy in the making!

Who can Access Grok AI ?

Who can Access Grok AI ?
Who can Access Grok AI ?

Currently, only X Premium+ subscribers have the privilege to use Grok AI. xAI emphasizes that Grok is in its early beta stage, developed with two months of training. They anticipate rapid improvements week by week, driven by user input and data gathered from the public using X.

Grok’s availability is restricted to a select number of users within the United States. These users play a crucial role by providing valuable feedback that contributes to enhancing Grok’s capabilities before its broader release. Keep in mind that this version of the AI has only undergone a two-month training period, making the early access a foundational step for xAI.

Looking ahead, users can anticipate the introduction of new capabilities and features in the coming months, ensuring a more robust and advanced Grok experience.

How to use Grok AI

Getting Started with Grok :

How to use Grok AI
  • You just need to upgrade to X Premium or subscribe , users can find Grok in their profile.
How to use Grok  AI
How to use Grok AI
  • Keep in mind that Grok AI is still in the early stages, with only two months of training, as mentioned by xAI in an introductory tweet. Expect significant improvements in the upcoming weeks.
  • Grok’s has two modes: regular and fun.

Exploring Fun Mode: The Grok’s fun mode, showcasing its ability to generate humorous responses, particularly in roasting scenarios.

Use Cases:

  1. Research:
    • Grok claims to provide up-to-date information from posts. It give response with outdated content and missing key announcements. Comparison with Chat GPT and Bard shows Grok lagging behind.
  2. Creative Writing:
    • Fun mode in Grok successfully generates a creative story set in the future. Comparison with Chat GPT shows Grok holding its own in creativity.
  3. Email Composition:
    • Grok impresses with its professional email drafting capabilities, presenting a well-structured response for explaining project delays.
  4. Marketing Strategy:
    • Grok generates a compelling marketing strategy for a fitness app. While recommending x ads as the first channel is noted, the overall output is deemed satisfactory.
  5. Technical Understanding:
    • Grok provides a clear explanation of blockchain technology and its financial service applications. The language is praised for being understandable, making complex topics accessible.
  6. Data Analysis:
    • Grok analyzes social media trends among U.S. teenagers, but it somewhat outdated information. Bard’s response is considered more detailed and useful.
  7. Coding:
    • Grok demonstrates coding capabilities in HTML and Python, though the accuracy and depth of the code are not extensively.
  8. Problem Solving:
    • In fun mode, Grok humorously addresses urban traffic congestion solutions, providing useful information despite the light-hearted tone.

More Information About Grok AI

Grok’s Performance

Gro falls between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 in performance, lacking some advanced features but excelling in real-time information. Its access to Twitter’s fire hose sets it apart, making it the fastest AI for summarizing current events.

Watch Out for Hallucinations

Despite its prowess, Grok ai isn’t perfect. It might hallucinate information, as seen when suggesting a stock buy based on inaccurate data. Additionally, while it can write code competently, GitHub Co-pilot is a tough competitor.

The Future of AI

Elon Musk’s predictions about AI’s future are mentioned, with a mix of skepticism and hope for a “based AF” AI godhead. The conclusion reflects on Musk’s track record with predictions, highlighting both hits and misses.

Grok’s Humorous Edge

One standout feature of Gro is its humor. It roasted the author, critiquing 100-second videos and comparing them to a confusing roller coaster. Though entertaining, the humor can be turned off if it becomes a bit much, similar to other large language models like GPT-4.


Hope this article informative to you, Grok AI is more than a chatbot it’s a witty companion. While not perfect, its unique style and real-time information access make it a notable addition to the AI landscape. Stay tuned with us for more developments in the world of AI!

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Is Grok only available through a paid subscription?

Yes, currently, Grok requires a $16 monthly subscription, but free access for all English users is expected soon.

How does Grok handle controversial questions?

Grok maintains a politically neutral stance, providing information without bias.

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