Project Ellmann: Google New AI Digs Up Your Dark History

Project Ellmann: Google New AI Digs Up Your Dark History

Check out Google’s cool Project Ellmann! It’s a smart AI thing that uses your phone info to create personal life stories. It’s all about mixing innovation with intimacy.

In short

  • Google’s working on a new AI called Project Ellmann
  • It uses the Gemini model to understand your life through smartphone data and photos
  • Ellmann aims to be your ‘Life Story Teller,’ analyzing moments and even offering a ChatGPT-like feature
  • It could reveal details about your habits, interests, and favorite apps
  • Privacy and integration details are still unclear, so stay tuned for updates!

What is Google Project Ellmann?

So, there’s this thing called Project Ellmann from Google. We heard about it from CNBC, which got its hands on some papers used in a meeting at Google. The meeting had a manager from Google Photos and some people from the Gemini team.

This smart computer thing is going to look at your personal photos, stuff you saved in your Google account, and other info from the internet. It wants to put together a story about your life. Then, this info goes into a computer chat thing called Ellmann Chat, powered by Gemini. It’s supposed to talk to you in a super personal way.

For example, it might figure out that you love pasta because there are lots of pictures of Italian food in your photos. It’s like your pictures having a chit-chat with a smart friend. Google says it’s not just about giving you better restaurant suggestions. They claim Ellmann can even know when you were born, who your parents are, and if you have brothers or sisters – even if it didn’t directly learn these things. But, we’ll have to see how well it really works in the end.

Google has demonstrated impressive innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) technology in recent years. Most recently, the technology titan unveiled Gemini, deemed their most sophisticated AI model yet engineered. However, Google seems primed to further push boundaries in AI with their latest endeavor: Project Ellmann.

This emergent project aims to utilize advanced AI systems to generate intimate life stories unique to each user. The impetus involves ingesting extensive smartphone data – encompassing search queries, imagery, and application usage – to discern pivotal life events, relationships, interests, and behavioral patterns. By analyzing photos and metadata in granular detail, Project Ellmann could identify occasions like graduations, new employment, travel, and more.

Additionally, the AI platform plans integration of a conversational component entitled “Ellmann Chat.” This would enable direct questioning of the system to provide users personalized responses constructed from accrued knowledge about their lives derived from smartphone activity analysis.

Granular Visual Comprehension

Looking more at what Google thinks Project Ellmann can do, they’re talking about how it can understand photos in a big way. Instead of just looking at pictures and basic info, Ellmann wants to really get what’s happening in the photos. They say it will use info from your life, like your story and other photos, to describe your pictures better, not just as pixels with labels and data.

To explain how it might work, they give an example. Let’s say you have a picture from a reunion, and Ellmann looks at it. It could figure out when it happened and who’s in the photo by checking the time and recognizing faces. So, it might say, “It’s been 10 years since he graduated, and there are people here he hasn’t seen in 10 years, so it’s probably a reunion.”

Multimodal Synthesis

Also, they’re thinking of adding a feature called “Ellmann Chat” where you can ask the system questions and have a chat. This means you can ask things based on what it knows about your life. Ellmann isn’t just about pictures; it wants to understand how you behave, like what you eat, what you buy, which apps you like, and which websites you visit a lot.

Can Gemini x Project Ellmann kill ChatGPT ?

Everyone’s wondering if Gemini and Project Ellmann could challenge ChatGPT’s dominance in the tech world. If these stories are true, it looks like ChatGPT might have some serious competition from Gemini in 2024 and beyond.

Google brought out a new smart computer called Gemini. People were super excited at first, but then they found out the video about Gemini was kind of fake and planned.

Now, they’re putting Gemini into Bard, which is Google’s talking computer helper. Other companies can also use Gemini for their own special computer programs. Google wants to share this super cool smart computer stuff with more people, like regular folks and computer creators. It’s a big deal for both the people who use smart stuff and those who make new computer things.


Project Ellmann is all about focusing on individual users to make their experience with digital helpers more personal. Instead of just knowing big stuff happening in the world, this system looks at your phone history to really get to know important moments in your life, even stuff your closest friends might not know. But, we’re not sure if it can really figure out all these personal details just from your phone.

Also, we need to think about privacy because this system learns a lot of personal stuff. We need to make sure no one uses or shares this info without permission. Until we know for sure how good it is at personalizing and how they’ll keep our info safe, we should see all the info about it as just guesses.

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