How to Update the Password for Email on iPhone? Follow These Easy Steps!

How to Update the Password for Email on iPhone
How to Update the Password for Email on iPhone

How to Update the Password for Email on iPhone: Make sure to reset the password of your email account on your iPhone on condition that you have recently modified it on any other device. It is very important to make sure that you update it on your phone as syncing issues and security risks may occur due to the failure to do so. However, don’t panic, since I’m going to teach you how to make your mail safe and easy to access through an intuitive interface on an iPhone.
Opening Settings

How to Update the Password for Email on iPhone?

Having selected the purpose, start the process by bringing up the Settings application on your iPhone. Pressing on the green icon will do it.

Navigating to Mail Settings

Tap on an arrow next to the letter ‘Settings’, go down until you face the ‘Mail’ section of the menu, and tap on it to see the mail settings.

Selecting Your Mail Account

Regarding the setting of Mail, you’ll see the account list of all the devices connected to your phone with the Mail app from the iPhone. Look up on accounts that you are supposed to change the passwords. Furthermore, if your goal is a new AOL password, you have to stop using your current passwords and pick AOL.

Updating the Password

There is the option to update the password directly on your mail account (right my network account which is under the tab of account settings). Find the password box then, write down your new password in case the field is visible. Otherwise, you may just hear from me!

Accessing SMTP Server Settings

Sometimes, we might have to connect to the SMTP server to configure the password itself. Then, click the settings of the SMTP server. Choose your account’s primary server.

Updating Username and Password

Under the Primary Server Settings, you will be able to update the corresponding login details that consist of both User ID and password. On the designated field, indicate the new and safe password that you have set up to confirm that it is successfully done.

Verifying Changes

How to Update the Password for Email on iPhone

Make sure that you have saved the password changes you have just made and check again in case it has been done correctly. After completing this, make sure that the new password is shown there in settings.

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They do not require the user to take any manual steps to update the password on their phone in cases like that of the Gmail and Google Accounts as the software update renders such tasks unnecessary. On the other hand, if it gives you any hitch, you can follow the procedures of deleting and re-adding the account. Go to your iPhone settings, select the account that you want to remove, and then add back this account using the latest data.

The process might vary among different mail account providers; however, you can update the password for any account by following these simple steps. Additionally, you should not forget to renew your passwords by changing them from time to time. Doing this will provide good security and ease of access to your emails anytime you wish to check your email on the go.

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