How to Use New Instagram AI Feature for Photo Edits

How to Use New Instagram AI Feature for Photo Edits

With the trendy new Instagram AI image feature gaining popularity everywhere this year, it was quite evident that it would make its way into the standard editing tools on major social media platforms. And sure enough, Meta’s Instagram has just announced the launch of an AI backdrop tool for Stories. This implies that AI-generated images will now become even more widespread.

In short

  • Instagram just dropped a new AI backdrop tool for Stories in the US.
  • You can mess with your photo backgrounds using cool prompts like ‘on a red carpet’ or ‘being chased by dinosaurs.’ It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s easy and fun.
  • To use it: Snap a pic, hit the AI button, type in something cool like “in the Wild West,” pick your favorite, and add it to your story.
  • Your friends can join the fun with a ‘Try it’ sticker.

First off, it’s launching in the US first, like it always does. The tools let folks mess around with the background of their pictures in Stories. You can pick from cool prompts like ‘on a red carpet’ or ‘being chased by dinosaurs,’ or you can make up your own if you’re feeling creative .

So, how does Instagram AI work?

Well, in a video on Threads by this guy Ahmad Al-Dahle from Meta, it shows that you’ll find the backdrop tool icon at the top when you’re making a Story. And get this, the Stories you make using this new thing will have a ‘Try it’ sticker with the prompt, asking other folks to try the same thing.

The tech itself isn’t exactly mind-blowing. Adobe already threw in Generative Fill in Photoshop a while back, and some other apps and even those editing apps on your phone already have AI background tinkering features. But what Instagram did makes this tech way more in-your-face and easy to use. So, more people might jump on the bandwagon.

Now, looking at the examples in the video, it doesn’t seem like Instagram’s backdrop tool is fooling anyone with its realism. But hey, that doesn’t seem to stop folks from giving it a go. Some other apps might be worried that fewer people will use their tools, but it could also make more folks curious about AI picture tools in general.

I’m kinda wondering if this tool is gonna stick around or if it’s just a short-lived trend like those goofy filters everyone used to love. Social media platforms trying out AI image tools have had some bumps in the road. Meta tried to play it safe when they launched their AI sticker thing for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram, but users pretty quickly showed that their safety stuff wasn’t that great.

So, this backdrop thing is an AI-powered tool letting folks mess with their Instagram Stories backgrounds. Right now, it’s only in the US, but you can use prompts to switch up your Instagram story backgrounds. Think of it like those other AI photo tools you use, like Midjourney.

Ahmad Al-Dahle, who leads Instagram AI, shared on Threads that you can search for things like “chased by dinosaurs” or “surrounded by puppies,” and your photo will display you either being chased by dinosaurs or surrounded by puppies.

Al-Dahle spilled on Threads.

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A How To Use Instagram AI Backdrop

Instagram just added a new AI feature that can edit your photos with help of AI Tech. For now it not work perfectly, but it is fun to use. Here is a step-by-step guide try it yourself:

How to Use New Instagram AI Feature for Photo Edits

  • Step 1: Take a Photo

When you capturing photo and want to use the AI feature for that photo, make sure your subject does not fill up the entire frame. Leave some space around them.

  • Step 2: Open AI Feature

Tap on the first icon at the top of the Instagram app. This is the AI feature. It will highlight the main focus of your photo and ask if you approve.

  • Step 3: Type Desired Change

Type something fun you want the AI to add to the photo, like “in the Garden” or “surrounded by cute babies .”

  • Step 4: Pick Your Favorite Version

Instagram AI will make 2 edited options of your photo. Choose which one you like better to post.

When you share the AI photo on Instagram story, it shows a “Try it” sticker for friends. This makes it easy for them to also use the tool with their own photos for fun edits.


Go and try yourself , Instagram backdrop AI is going to popular or not ? tell your opinion in comment box.For now only people from usa they can use this feature , If you are not from US stay connected we will alert you when this available for everyone.


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