Top 5 AI Transcription Tools For Free 2024

Top 5 AI Transcription Tools For Free 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform business processes, with AI transcription services growing exponentially in popularity. These services utilize advanced algorithms to transcribe audio and video files into text quicker and more affordably than human transcriptionists could accomplish manually.

AI transcription involves feeding digital recordings into machine learning models which have been trained on vast datasets to understand speech and translate it. The automated nature of AI transcription boasts game-changing efficiency. A task that could take a person hours is condensed into mere minutes without sacrificing quality.

The democratizing effect brings transcription capabilities to more individuals and teams than ever before. With generous free plans from leading providers, it’s easier than ever to take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning to turn speeches, interviews, meetings, podcasts and more into accessible, readable, shareable text documents.

In short:

  • AI transcription services use artificial intelligence to transcribe audio/video to text faster and cheaper than humans
  • Leading free services like,, Happy Scribe,, and Descript now make quality transcription accessible to more people
  • Otter provides 600 monthly minutes for taking meeting notes, Riverside has 99% accuracy for podcasts, Happy Scribe simplifies the process for beginners
  • Vowl specializes in team meeting transcription including automatic speaker labeling
  • Descript assists podcast creators through auto filler word removal and synthetic voice creation
  • Free plans limit monthly minutes (usually 1-10 hours), so heavy users should upgrade to paid plans for unlimited use
  • Occasional users can benefit from generous free offers, but frequent transcribers should invest in premium for highest accuracy and more minutes

Best Free AI Transcription Services

We’ve compiled the top free AI transcription tools available in 2023 based on features, accuracy, compatibility, and generosity of free plans.


  • Ideal for: Students, teachers, workers collaborating and taking meeting notes
  • Compatible with: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Key features:

  • Real-time transcriptions
  • recording and editing capabilities
  • Zoom integration is an all-in-one assistant for meetings, lectures and interviews. Users can record, transcribe and even receive AI-generated summaries on the fly through integrations with common video conference platforms.

The free Otter plan provides up to 600 minutes of transcription per month, plenty for personal and many professional needs. Paying subscribers gain access to 10 file imports per month and priority support. Otter prides themselves on leading the industry in security and privacy.


  • Ideal for: Podcasters, journalists, interviewers
  • Compatible with: Mac, Windows

Key features:

Key features: Multilingual transcription, in-platform recording and editing tools, advanced audio cleaning focuses on serving podcasters’ and journalists’ needs end-to-end. Users can record studio-grade audio and video, transcribe interviews or recordings, and even edit all within Riverside’s browser-based platform.

Their AI transcription boasts 99% accuracy across 100+ languages – impressive for a free tool. The free plan permits 2 hours of transcription per month. Creators producing regular podcast episodes will need to upgrade for more minutes.

3. Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe
  • Ideal for: Beginners seeking a simple transcription workflow
  • Compatible with: Mac, Windows

Key features:

  • Support for 120+ languages
  • fast turnaround
  • file sharing capabilities

As the name suggests, Happy Scribe aims to make automated transcription a smooth, pleasant process. Users praise their clean, intuitive web interface that makes it simple for novices to route audio or video files into the algorithm.

Turnaround clocks in at under 5 minutes, notably faster than human-powered services. The free plan allows for 10 minutes of transcription per month. Accuracy reaches 85%, decent but trailing leading options like Otter and Riverside.


  • Ideal for: Teams wanting to record and transcribe meetings with ease
  • Compatible with: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Key features:

  • In-platform conference hosting,
  • speaker identification
  • real-time transcripts

Vowl sets out to offer enterprise-grade transcription tailored for business teams. Users can host conference calls within Vowl’s platform and leverage real-time meeting transcription with handy features like speaker labeling.

This makes Vowl a leading option for managers and employees tasked with meticulously logging meeting minutes. However, it lacks the media import options making other picks better suited for transcribing podcasts or video files.

5. Descript

  • Ideal for: Podcast creators, especially beginners
  • Compatible with: Mac, Windows

Key features:

  • Overdubbing/editing voice tracks
  • audio editing tools
  • filler word removal

While Descript bills itself as a podcast creation platform, its transcription capabilities make it a handy inclusion in our roundup. Users highlight high-quality audio recording and editing features plus AI tools that remove filler words and even create synthetic voices.

The free plan permits 1 hour of uploads per month – the smallest allowance on our list. Podcasters with higher output needs will have to upgrade for $24/month. But Descript remains a top pick for hobbyists getting started.Should You Use a Free AI Transcription Service?

Thanks to remarkable innovation in artificial intelligence, users across industries can access free transcription tools that would have been unimaginable just years ago. They offer speed, accuracy and simplicity that outperform expensive human-based services.

However, most free plans limit how many minutes you can transcribe per month. Those with regular heavy transcription needs will hit caps quickly. Upgrading to premium plans unlocks more minutes, higher accuracy and priority support to save time and effort.


In summary, occasional users can benefit tremendously from free AI transcription. But if you record videos or audio files regularly for business or pleasure, paying to upgrade is advised.


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