This Huawei Pocket 2 Phone will Challenge Galaxy Z Flip 5

This Huawei Pocket 2 Phone will Challenge Galaxy Z Flip 5

Huawei Pocket 2 Fold Phone :- Huawei is making fold phones from some years now. They make book style fold phones and also clam shell style folds that looks copy Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Flip.

Past months there been rumors from Huawei that will launch new clam shell fold phone soon. Now they make official news say they will show off Huawei Pocket 2 fold phone this week. So if you are old user of Huawei so be ready for this phone

Huawei Pocket 2 specs:

FeatureLeaked/Rumored SpecsNotes
DisplayFoldable OLED, 6.9″ main, 1.04″ coverSimilar to P50 Pocket
ProcessorSnapdragon 8 Gen 2 or newerUnconfirmed
RAM8GB or 12GBUnconfirmed
Storage128GB, 256GB, or 512GBUnconfirmed
Rear CameraTriple-lens systemSpecific details unknown
Battery4000mAhSimilar to P50 Pocket
Operating SystemHarmonyOS 3.0 or laterUnconfirmed
ColorsBlack, Dark Purple, Rococo WhiteUnconfirmed
Hinge DesignImprovedLeak information
Camera SystemUpdatedLeak information
we will update soon as official release

New Huawei Pocket 2 Fold Look Same as Older One

The new phone follow Huawei Pocket S from November 2022. Market data show it most popular clam shell fold in China. Not surprising since Samsung not sell well there, under 1% market share.

Huawei Pocket 2 launch on February 22. Not many details yet but leaks say design look similar to old Pocket S. Huawei clam shell fold have different style. Front panel have two circle holes, one for outer screen and one for cameras.

Untitled design 6

Not sure yet what new phone specs are. But Huawei put these fold phones as flagships. So likely have top Kirin 9000S 5G chip like their other best phones.

Huawei event just 3 days away. We see if they share more ‘fore official launch. Or we just gotta wait and see what new fold phone like on Thursday.

Final Words

Untitled design 5 2

Huawei become big name in fold phones. But political stuff stop they sell many phones globally. Still in China Huawei foldies like Pocket S very popular.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 coming. So Huawei make Huawei Pocket 2 to keep top fold phone maker place. Will small changes to Pocket 2 beat Samsung? Or Huawei add secret new feature to wow people?

We see at launch show February 22. I excited to see if new Pocket get better camera, battery, strength – not just a little faster.

For now you can buy from only in China. But tech people everywhere should watch Huawei folds. When companies compete hard to make best fold, all users win from new ideas!


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