iOS 17.4 Beta 4 Released Check What’s New?

iOS 17.4 Beta 4 Released Check What's New?

iOS 17.4 Beta 4 Released :- Apple recently released the fourth beta version of iOS 17.4 to developers. This update includes many changes like removing the battery health percentage, adding CarPlay 2.0 support, bug fixes, and more. In this article, we show you what’s new in iOS 17.4 beta 4, performance, expected release timeline and much more things

iOS 17.4 beta 4: What’s New?

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Battery HealthRedesigned “Battery” section in SettingsNow shows “Normal,” “Service,” or “Unknown” instead of a percentage. Tap for details like capacity and cycle count.
CarPlay 2.0 (limited)New instrument cluster experience in Maps for supported cars (2024+ Porsche and Aston Martin)Shows upcoming maneuvers and lets users swap display types.
Wallpaper fixiPhone 15 Pro wallpaper styles back to normalAddresses bug that made them darker than intended.
Podcast transcriptionsUnavailable in beta 4Previously working feature seems to be broken.
StoreKit testing improvementsMore control over billing error messages and product descriptionsUseful for app developers.
ObjectCaptureView fixesFaster creation, improved rotation, and memory leak fixBenefits developers using 3D object scanning.

Size and Build Number The update is 571MB on iPhone 15 Pro Max. The build number is 21E529b, indicating a final release is close. The modem firmware remains the same as last beta at 1.155.04.

Removed Battery Health Percentage A major change is battery settings no longer show a percentage for battery health. It now just says “Normal”. You can still see technical details like maximum capacity percentage, cycle count, and manufacture date in the battery section.

This tweak is only on iPhone 15 series, likely related to its unique cycle count feature. Seeing the percentage caused anxiety for some users as it declined, so hiding it by default reduces stress while still letting those who want details access them.

New Battery Info Section

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There’s a new “About Battery and Warranty” section explaining how iPhone batteries work. Interestingly, the wording says iPhone batteries are designed to retain 80% capacity after 1,000 cycles – Apple’s support page used to say only 500 cycles! This section educates users that moderate battery wear is perfectly normal over long term usage rather than something to panic over if percentage drops.

Added CarPlay 2.0 Support As hinted since the first 17.4 beta, Apple finally added the groundbreaking CarPlay 2.0 in the release notes. It will show navigation info like upcoming turns right on your car’s instrument cluster display. Sadly most people can’t test it yet, as it currently only works in very recent models from Porsche, Aston Martin and others. But more affordable car makes pledged 2024 models will support CarPlay 2, putting dashboard integration reach for regular drivers.

Other Small Changes

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  • They fixed a bug making iPhone wallpaper collections too dark on iPhone 15 Pro.
  • Podcast transcriptions oddly stopped working on shows that previously had them. Hopefully just a temporary issue.
  • The Privacy & Security settings sensitive content warning toggle went missing but reappeared after a reset, likely just an odd visual bug.
  • The stopwatch live activity to show running timer on lock screen remains broken since beta 3 with no sign of returning.

Bug Fixes & Updates The latest beta only notes fixing one new bug: MapKit issues with walking/biking directions in SwiftUI maps. The stopwatch activity is still dormant. Overall though, betas have now addressed most initial issues present in early iOS 17.4 builds.

iOS 17.4 Beta 4 Performance

Performance feels very solid so far with no crashes, lag, or hiccups noticed. Running GeekBench tests show the same single and multi-core scores as previous builds, confirming no actual speed or capability changes occurred internally.

Battery life seems improved over the buggy beta 3, retaining more percentage over the same iPhone use session. But extended testing over multiple charge cycles is needed to fully compare it against prior versions. Check back for definitive battery findings after thorough evaluations later on.

What To Expect Next

Since iOS 17.4 beta 4 has a “b” in the build number and appears close to final, Apple likely won’t issue any further developer betas. The next update will presumably be the Release Candidate (RC) build – essentially the finished product unless last minute issues emerge needing urgent fixes.

Expect the RC sometime around February 28th, then the official iOS 17.4 general rollout likely hitting the weekend of March 4. This major update enables sideloading in Europe thanks to new digital markets laws, brings CarPlay 2, improves battery info, and more key changes covered in our videos once it goes live.

Final Words

So hope you know that what’s new in the latest iOS 17.4 beta , In this update apple puts finishing touches on its impending release. Performance and stability are improve. The new software is almost ready to be released, but it still has a few small problems, like the stopwatch not working right. But it in still a beta version, so this can happened and this is normal! So be ready for it you can try beta version also and they fix everything before it launches for everyone so dont worry. If you want all the details on Apple , Android , Tech updates, check out !

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