Is It Safe to Chat With Google Gemini AI ?

Is It Safe to Chat With Google Gemini AI ?

Google’s Gemini AI Chatbot :- Google recently introduced an AI chatbot called “Gemini” to compete with ChatGPT. Its just a old ai google bard old version that just got updated with some features. While chatting with Gemini can be fun and useful, you need to be very cautious about what personal information you share with it. Google itself warns human reviewers may look at some conversations. In this article we are going to know its safe to chat with Google’s Gemini AI Chatbot or not ! its a Big Question.

What is Gemini and Why Has Google Created It?

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Gemini is a new artificial intelligence-powered chatbot from Google that lets you have text conversations with it. Gemini uses advanced language and conversation modeling technology to understand questions and discuss topics much like a real person.

There are two main versions of Gemini:

  • Gemini Basic – Free more limited small talk chatbot
  • Gemini Pro – Paid premium chatbot with deeper intelligence

Gemini exists to help Google compete with smash hit chatbots like ChatGPT. Over 1 billion Android users will eventually get access to Gemini directly on their phones. So it could become extremely popular globally.

Why You Must Limit Sharing Any Private, Personal or Confidential Information

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When Gemini first launched, Google updated its privacy policy with an important warning to users: “Do not share any private, personal, sensitive or confidential information with Gemini that you don’t want a human potentially seeing or using”

This warning exists because while Gemini conversations are powered by artificial intelligence, Google admits human reviewers may look at chat logs to improve the chatbot. So that means anything you tell Gemini in chat could be read by actual people down the road if Google choses your conversation to review and learn from.

Examples of Types of Risky Information to Avoid Sending to Gemini

Due to the human review possibility, experts strongly advise against sending Gemini any kind of restricted or confidential information.

Some examples of very risky personal information you should avoid telling Gemini chatbot include:

  • Social security numbers
  • Bank account numbers or financial details
  • Private text messages, emails, photos
  • Confidential work documents or projects
  • Sensitive health history details
  • Government identification info

Basically – don’t mistakenly assume Gemini chat is 100% private without any access risk like talking to a real trusted friend. Always act cautiously like an unknown Google employee could end up accessing a chat.

Can I Delete My Conversations to Remove Risks After the Fact?

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You might assume that even if you accidentally share some private details with Gemini, you can simply delete your chat history later to erase it. However, Google frustratingly says they may internally keep full transcripts of Gemini conversations stored for up to 3 years – even if you fully clear your chat activity or delete your data. So again – be extremely careful what kinds of any sensitive information you discuss with Gemini altogether. Due to long term logging, the risk cannot be easily reversed.

Final Words

Talking to chatbots like Gemini AI powered by artificial intelligence provides awesome new ways to have informative conversations online. But when using Gemini in particular, you must remember there is always a possibility of actual humans from Google reviewing interactions in the background to train Gemini’s intelligence.

So share thoughtfully, cautiously guard your privacy, and avoid treating the chatbot as safe place to discuss extremely private personal topics. Pay attention to Google’s own warnings on this front when enjoying Gemini conversations. What is your favorite AI chatbot ? comment down below

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