Nothing CMF Buds Review: Better than Airpods?

Nothing CMF Buds Review
Nothing CMF Buds Review

Nothing CMF Buds Review: If you’re looking for an affordable option of AirPods or just want wireless earbuds then here is Nothing CMF Buds. These buds are affordable and come with great quality music. It comes with many features like noise cancellation, music stop-start, and many more. Before getting the CMF Buds let’s first know its features. So, in this article, I’ll share the Nothing CMF Buds review and specs.

Here is the Nothing CMF Buds Review & Features


The moment you get hold of Nothing CMF Buds, you find the earbuds packed inside a case that is quite small in size. Inside the package, there are three sizes of silicone tips—small, medium, and large—and you can choose the one that matches your ears well. They are manufactured in three colors: black, white, and orange. They are stylish, though their design isn’t see-through like the other Nothing earbuds.

Comfortable to Wear

The CMF Buds are very light and easy to carry around. You can put them on for a couple of hours, and they won’t be uncomfortable. But after some time, you could get a little weary. They are made of plastic, so they feel cheap to hold, but that is to be expected for the price range. On the other hand, with the silicone tips, the earbuds kind of stay in place, unless you’re chewing or talking a lot.

Easy to Use

Nothing CMF Buds Review
Nothing CMF Buds Review

These headphones are seamlessly connected to your devices by means of Bluetooth. You can use it both on your laptop and phone at the same time, which might be a good idea. Android phones make this process easy and fast. There is also a Nothing X application that allows you to run and control the earbuds. You are able to explore the battery life, modify the noise control settings, and fine-tune the touch controls.

Touch controls and customization

You can manage the earbuds using double-tap, triple-tap, and press-and-hold gestures. But the lack of a direct water tap is quite strange. The default touch controls are changeable. You are able to change them to your taste. The touch controls are pretty good; they are so sensitive that you won’t have any doubts when tapping on the screen.

Sound quality and noise cancellation

Nothing CMF Buds Review
Nothing CMF Buds Review

The Nothing CMF Buds have acceptable sound quality, which is suitable for casual use. They might do a good job for podcasts and audiobooks, but people who love high-quality sound might not be pleased with them. The earbuds are also equipped with noise cancellation technology that works towards canceling noises. It doesn’t work as well as some more expensive earbuds, yet it already does the job in the vast majority of scenarios.

Battery life and portability

Each earbud has an internal battery that is capable of holding charges for around 6 hours of playback. However, when you plug in noise cancellation, the battery life shortens. As for the charging case, it is capable of charging the earbuds approximately 4-5 times before the case requires a recharge. It can be slipped into the pocket or the bag, and thus you can take it with you wherever you go.


In general, Nothing CMF Buds fit those who want budget wireless earbuds. They are nice, handy, and provide decent sound. They do have some downsides, such as the absence of the transparency mode, though they definitely offer value for what they cost. If you are on a budget and these earbuds are at the top of your list, then you should try them.

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