OnePlus Watch 2 Specs, Review, Price: Other Details

OnePlus Watch 2 Specs
OnePlus Watch 2 Specs

OnePlus Watch 2 Specs: So, if you’re looking for an affordable watch but want a circular dial and features like an Apple watch, then the OnePlus Watch 2 is for you, this Oneplus second gen watch comes in two colors black, and steel-like color. So, if you don’t like the square shape of the Apple watch and want a watch that can be worn with suits and like a classic watch then it’s a perfect watch. So, in this article, I’ll share the OnePlus Watch 2 specs & review. So, let’s Begin!

Here is the OnePlus Watch 2 Specs, Review & Price

OnePlus Watch 2 Appearance

OnePlus Watch 2 design & looks are amazing, moreover, it looks like a Classix dial watch with smartwatch features. The strap quality of the watch is also quite premium, you’ll get fluoro rubber, stainless steel buckle strap. If we talk about the wrist circumference then it is from 140-210mm. In short, any person can wear a watch. If we talk about the dimensions its Length is 47mm and width is 12.11. With that, the watch is also quite lighter compared to any smartwatch, The OnePlus Watch 2 weighs around 49g excluding the wrist strap and 80g including the wrist strap.

OnePlus Watch 2 Screen

OnePlus Watch 2 has a 1.43-inch AMOLED 466*466 screen resolution with a peak brightness of 600 nits and a screen PPI of 332. So, this was the screen specs, if you’re not familiar with the specs or numbers, then I’ll say it has one of the best displays. Overall, the display is sharp, colors are good and vivid.

OnePlus Watch 2 Battery

Battery life is the main concern of every smart watch owner, if we talk about the simple smartwatch which you can get under $100 bucks then it has an average battery life of 6 to 7 hours but in OnePlus Watch 2 stands around 14 hours/day. Here are perfect numbers in different different usages:

FeatureSmart Mode (Up to 100h)Heavy Use (Up to 48h)Power Saver Mode (Up to 12 days)
Watch FaceOfficial SupportedThird PartyN/A
Always On DisplayOffOnOff
Health MonitoringDefaultDefaultDefault
Bluetooth Connection14.2h/day12.2h/dayOn (all day)
Wi-Fi Connection1h/day standby2h/day connectedN/A
Sleep Monitoring6.5h/day6.5h/day6h/day
Raise Wrist to Wake220 times/day300 times/day180 times/day
Screen Use (Apps)20 min/day30 min/dayN/A
Call Reminders5 sec/ 6 calls/day5 sec/ 6 calls/day3 calls/day
Bluetooth Calls5 min/day5 min/day5 min/day
Mobile Data Sync500 sec/day500 sec/dayN/A
Music Playback15 min/day (Spotify)30 min/day (Bluetooth)N/A
Outdoor Running30 min/day30 min/day (GPS)90 min/week total
Alarm Clock3 times/day3 times/day3 times/day
Fast Charging60 min to 100%10 min for 24h useN/A

OnePlus Watch 2 Hardware

OnePlus Watch 2 comes with a snapdragon W5 Gen 1 processor with the operating system of Wear OS 4 + RTOS. If we come to the memory part, then there is 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM, and 4GB EMMC for RTOS. With that, it comes with the latest Wifi and Bluetooth version with GPS.

OnePlus Watch 2 Features

You’ll get various features in Watch 2 like GPS, and calling, it can be paired with any device easily, and it has smart sensors like an Accelerometer, gyroscope, optical heart rate sensor, geomagnetic sensor, light sensor, and barometer with 100+ Watch Faces. These are some of the features as well: Google apps – Assistant, Wallet, Maps, Calendar, Phone, Messages, Gmail, Notifications, Bluetooth calls, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, weather, media control and playback, settings, battery manager, compass, flashlight, etc.

OnePlus Watch 2 Price

OnePlus Watch 2 price is around $250 bucks with $50 if you Pre-Order the watch, which makes the watch more affordable and value for money, as it comes with tons of features like GPS, inbuilt chipset, and many more.

OnePlus Watch 2 Features

Dual Mode1. Smart Mode: Full Wear OS experience with Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 chip for extensive features. <br> 2. Power Saver Mode: Extended battery life with low-power BES2700 chip for basic functionality.
Advanced Health & Fitness TrackingSupports over 100 sports modes with detailed tracking metrics. Monitors sleep stages, heart rate, stress, and blood oxygen.

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