Top 5 Useful Ways To Use Google Bard AI 2024

Top 5 Useful Ways To Use Google Bard AI 2024

Is AI Chatbot Google Bard Actually Useful? My Top 5 Practical Use Cases . Sup folks! Your Tech Guide is here. And I know some peeps are hesitant about using these uber popular AI chatbots. I feel you – I like doing things the old school way too! But I had to see what the hype around Bard was about.

To my surprise, there are genuinely useful parts to this new-fangled tech. So if you’re an AI noob like me, or just wanna know if Bard can make life easier, I gotchu covered with the most practical uses I found.

Getting Started with Google Bard – Quick Access on Desktop

First up, ya gotta know Bard is only on the web for now at To get quick access on desktop, open the site in Chrome, hit the 3 dot menu, select “Add to desktop” and bam – you got a Bard icon like any app. It just opens the browser, but gets the job done for now!

Top 5 Useful Ways To Use Google Bard AI 2024
Top 5 Useful Ways To Use Google Bard AI 2024

Meal Planning and Cooking – #1 Use Case

I order takeout way too much. But Google Bard makes it mad easy to cook at home when I got time. All I say is “give me breakfast ideas” for example. Instantly get a bunch of tasty and simple recipe options.

Bard can get real specific too. I can ask to see only budget meals, healthy stuff, vegan, whatever. Even location-based for local/seasonal ingredients. Super useful for stepping up my home cooking game.

Some examples I say:

"Show me healthy dinner recipes with chicken"

"Give me cheap and easy vegetarian lunch ideas" 

"What local fall recipes can I make in Pennsylvania?"  

Shopping Research – Gaming Mouse Example #2 Use Case

I needed a new wireless/USB-C gaming mouse. Typed that into Google Bard and boom – suggestions at every price point with a quick rundown of pros/cons. Plus ideas on popular models to dig into more later.

Bard won’t make the final decision for ya obvi. But great for initial research when you don’t know where to start. Gave me a bunch of gaming mouse options I didn’t know before too. Big time saver.

Local Things To Do and Explore #3 Use Case

I’m traveling for the holidays. Asking Bard for info on places I’m visiting gave suggestions for:

  • Trails
  • Museums
  • Top eats

Plus tips to maximize my time there. Works for smaller hoods too. I used to stay in Fishtown in Philly. Search that and you get solid local recs. Helps experience spots you may not find on your own.

Integration with Other Google Stuff #4 Use Case

Here’s where Bard really surprised me…it can connect with other Google things I use daily:

Google Search
Google Drive
and more

You gotta enable it in Bard’s extensions tab first. Then it’s game on.

I can ask for:

  • A summary of my key emails that week
  • Music recs from a specific artist and vibe
  • Good videos around certain topics
  • Summaries of Google Docs

And way more. If you’re deep in the Google ecosystem, def peep the integration power.

Writing Assistance and Feedback #5 Use Case

Last big benefit – writing help. I always get peer reviews too. But asking Bard to look at my work first is money.

It suggests stuff like:

  • Adding more details
  • Personal anecdotes
  • Checking grammar
  • Improving vocabulary

Super nice to refine writing more myself before involving others. Big time saver if you create stuff for work/school.

So in summary, here are 5 killer ways I use Bard now to make life easier:

1. Meal planning and cooking at home 
2. Research for shopping purchases
3. Local recommendations
4. Integration with other Google services  
5. Writing assistance and feedback

For an AI chatbot newb like me, I was really impressed. Let me know in the comments if these use cases help you too! Or share anything else you found useful. In the meantime, catch ya next time!

FAQs about Bard:

Where do I access Google Bard?

For now, Google Bard is only available on the web at Bard . Use Chrome and “Add to desktop” to create a handy shortcut.

What devices support Bard?

Google Bard currently only runs through the Google Chrome browser on laptops/desktops. No mobile or standalone app yet.

Is Bard free to use?

Yes! Anyone with a Google account can access Bard for free through the Chrome browser without limits.

How accurate is the information Bard provides?

As with any AI system, the responses can sometimes be flawed. It’s best to verify any critical info elsewhere.

Can I export Bard conversations to use content elsewhere?

Not currently. But Google Bard answers can be manually copied and pasted like any webpage info.

Final Words:

hopefully this video gave some ideas to fellow Google Bard newbies on practical ways to use this futuristic tech today. I know I was sleeping on the benefits before giving it a real test run. While AI still requires big caution in some applications, tools like Bard show things are moving quick. And with responsible use, it can genuinely make life a lil easier. Even for tech-hesitant folks like me!

Anyway, let me know if these use cases work for you or if you got any others worth sharing!

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