Apple Vision Pro Not Charging? Try These Simple Fixes

Apple Vision Pro Not Charging? Try These Simple Fixes

If you using Apple Vision Pro, and suddenly it stops charging. Here are simple easy fixes for you to do. In this guide, we are going to know all about Apple Vision Pro and why it stopped charging! causes and solutions.

Reasons for Apple Vision Pro Not Charging

Here are some reasons causing your Apple Vision Pro to Not Charging.

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Check the Cable Connections

Connection is one of the reasons that an Apple Vision Pro may not charging, due to a loose or improper connection. First, you have to check headset is plugged in securely to the charging cable or battery pack. Sometimes replugging is also a quick fix for your charging.

Use the Official Apple Charger

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Don’t use third-party chargers that may work fine, but it’s always best to use the official Apple Vision Pro charging cable and power brick that come with it. Made in China low-quality chargers can cause charging issues.

Plug Into a Power Source

The Apple Vision Pro charging cable needs to be plugged into a working power source like:

  • Wall outlet
  • Computer USB port
  • Portable battery pack

If charging from a laptop or battery, ensure it has enough current to provide power to the headset.

Give it a Break Then Try Again

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If your Vision Pro still won’t charge after checking the connections and power source, unplug everything and let the headset rest for 30 minutes before trying again. Sometimes it just needs a break to reset.

Battery Life Tip

Keep in mind the Apple Vision Pro’s advanced specs mean shorter battery life when using it wirelessly – plan for only 1-2 hours of unplugged use before needing to recharge. Build charging breaks into your VR sessions!

With these simple tips, you should be able to get your Apple Vision Pro charging properly again in no time. But if issues came, don’t hesitate to contact Apple Support for more help.

Final Words

Hope you guys got your solution, if still it not charging then you have to go Apple service center. Don’t do things from yours that can make you charge $ more for this. Going to an expert is always better.

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