How to Avoid Cell Phone Overheating?

How to Avoid Cell Phone Overheating?

Is your phone heating too much? And you don’t know what to do? So you are in the right place; here we are giving you the full solution of “How to Avoid Cell Phone Overheating?

So don’t worry about it; in this guide, we are giving you some easy tips so that you can prevent your cell phone from overheating. So stay with us.

Why is My Phone Is Overheating?

First, understand why phone heating up too much. Many many reasons can make phone become hot:

  • Phone Working Too Hard

When you use a lot of apps at the same time, phone processor chips have to work non-stop. This makes the processor get super hot.

  • Too Many Apps Open:

You open many apps but do not close them properly. Apps running in the background. The phone needs to work extra, so get hot.

  • Screen Brightness
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High If you keeping screen brightness at maximum level all day, this also making phone heat up inside like oven.

  • Wireless Things On

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and other wireless options kept on when not using. They making phone hot like fire.

  • Virus Problem

Sometimes virus virus getting inside phone and making mess. Virus make phone work unnecessarily, so heating up badly.

  • Heavy Apps Usage

Downloading big big files, watching movie movie, playing graphics heavy games – all this giving phone lot lot work, making hot hot.

  • keep away from sun rays
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Keeping a phone under a bright, bright sun for a long, long time can literally burn the phone from outside with heat.

  • Wrong Charger Usage: 
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You are using fake, fake, third-party cheap chargers for charging. It’s not a good charger for your phone model. This also makes the phone sweat like a person.

How to Make Phone Cold Cold Again?

Now you understand why the phone heating up. Here are tips to stop it:

  • Close close close all apps not using properly
  • Make screen brightness low low
  • Turn off wi-fi, bluetooth when not need need
  • Use only good charger coming with phone box
  • No sun sun on phone for long time
  • No playing games or heavy apps for hours and hours
  • Always clearing background apps junk
  • Buy cooling case fan for phone for hot usage

Follow these easy simple tips, your phone will become cold cold ice cube again! No more heating issues, better battery, better performance!

If still hot hot problems, put phone inside fridge for 5 minutes to make cool down faster. Or keep near AC for cooling cooling.

More Ways To Prevent Your Phone From Overheating

Preventing phones from becoming hot is easy.

First step: stop doing all the bad things making the phone heat up.

  • Close background apps properly.
  • Keep screen brightness low.
  • Turn off wifi and bluetooth when not using.
  • Only use a good original charger for charging.
  • Never leave under bright sun.
  • No playing heavy games for a long, long time.

You can also download special apps. These apps check if the phone is getting too hot. They will send an alert when there is an overheating problem.

I wii suggest you use greenify app.

If the phone is already becoming a hot, stop using it immediately. Put down your phone for few minuts. The best is to turn off the phone completely for some time to make it cold.

Enabling auto brightness is a good idea, too. It will adjust screen brightness automatically. Less bright means less battery power is needed. This prevents overheating.

When charging your phone, always use the proper original charger that came in the box. Other fake cheap chargers can actually damage the battery over time. They make the phone sweat sweat with heat.

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Final Words

Now you understand what is reasons behind heating and how to stop it. Maybe you want to know about apps draining battery fastest? Games and video streaming biggest battery killers. Social media, GPS, cameras also consume lot of battery so turn them off after use.

Following simple precautions like above, your phone will stay cool. No more overheating issues, you get better performance, longer battery life.

Let me know if any other confusion by commenting down below!

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