How to Set Up Dual Monitors on Your PC

How to Set Up Dual Monitors on Your PC

How to Set Up Dual Monitors on Your PC:- Many people have just one small laptop screen. But work becomes much easier when using two big screens at the same time. This is called a dual monitor setup. With two screens, you get extra extra space to spread out work.

This guide will explain how to connect a second monitor to your computer. Will also show using old laptop as a second screen! Read the full instructions below.

Check Display Ports on Computer

The first step is to look at the back side of your computer. You need to find special video ports for connecting the monitor. These special ports are called “display ports“.

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Common display port names are:

  • HDMI port
  • DisplayPort
  • VGA port
  • DVI port
  • Thunderbolt port

Pause and carefully look for above port names on your computer back side. If find any of these ports, that is display port for you. For example, my laptop having one Thunderbolt port.

Check Display Ports on Monitor

Next we must find display port on monitor also. Again, we looking for HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, DVI or Thunderbolt labels. These display ports present on monitor back side.

For instance, my monitor is having one HDMI port, one DisplayPort, one Thunderbolt port. Any of these ports can be used for connecting.

Finding Correct Cable to Connect for Dual Monitor

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Now we know what port types present on computer and monitor. Next task is buy correct cable to join ports together.

If you already owning cable with right ports, then no need buy new cable. But if not having cable, very easy to purchase online.

Go to the Amazon website and search for “PortName1 to PortName2 cable“. For me, I will type “Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt cable” in search.

This will show many cable options matching my port types. I can buy suitable cable to connect laptop Thunderbolt port to monitor Thunderbolt port.

High-End PCs Having Multiple Display Ports

For very powerful expensive computers, you may find dual / multiple display ports available at back. Some gaming desktop PCs can have 2 HDMI ports, 3 DisplayPorts also!

This means possible to connect 4 or more monitors to single computer at once. Imagine watching so many YouTube videos simultaneously!

Configuring Dual Monitor Display Settings

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Okay, so now monitor is connected by cable to computer ports. Let us configure settings for using two screens properly.

Right-click on empty desktop area and select “Display Settings”. Here you will see icons for all currently connected display screens.

If unsure which icon is which screen, click “Identify” button to get visual confirmation.

Under “Multiple Displays” dropdown, select how you want screens to behave. Options are:

  1. Duplicate – Both screens mirror and show exact same content
  2. Extend – Screens combined into one extended big workspace area
  3. Show on 1 only – Content visible on either screen 1 or 2 only
  4. Show on 2 only – Content visible on either screen 2 or 1 only

For dual monitor usage, you want “Extend” option selected. Now can arrange screen positions to match physical layout. Very easy drag and drop.

Keyboard Shortcut for Display Modes

There is quicker way to change display modes without going into settings every time. Simply press “Windows Key + P” on keyboard.

A fly-out menu will appear on screen. Here you can quickly select Duplicate, Extend, or Show on 1/2 only modes by clicking option.

More Display Settings Customizations

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Under Display Settings, there are many more options to customize:

  • Set Main Display – Decide which screen is primary for taskbars, notifications, etc.
  • Customize Taskbar – Enable or disable taskbar appearing on both displays
  • Change Resolution – Adjust individual screen’s resolution quality
  • Change Scaling – Make text and icons appear larger or smaller in size
  • Orientation – Set vertical or horizontal mode for screens

Using an Old Laptop as a Second Monitor

Did you know old unused laptop can become a second monitor also? No need to waste money on the new display. Here are steps:

  1. On main PC, go to Settings > System > Projecting to this PC
  2. Click “Optional Features” and add “Wireless Display” feature if not already installed
  3. Launch the “Connect” app under Projecting settings
  4. On old laptop, go to Display Settings and “Connect to Wireless Display”
  5. Select main PC name when it appears on old laptop screen
  6. Old laptop screen now extended monitor for main PC

In Display Settings, you can resize, reposition, and customize an old laptop screen same as a regular monitor.

Final Words

When you have two or more monitors then it is the best thing ever, and very very helpful to increasing your work efficiency. You get more space to do work easily on pc or laptop.

Follow the above steps Set Up Dual Monitors on Your PC or you can also use an old laptop on your Windows PC. The most important thing is to check display ports, buy the correct cable, and configure display settings.

With some patience, you will soon be a dual/ multi- monitors master! Your productivity will increase with dual screen.

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