Dell XPS 14 Review: Specs, Features & Other Details (2024)

Dell XPS 14 Review
Dell XPS 14 Review

Dell XPS 14 Review: If you’re looking for an editing and gaming laptop then Dell XPS 14 might fulfil your desired requirements. The laptop comes with a premium design and 4000 series GPU accompanied with Intel core i7. So, if you’re confused about whether should go with this laptop or any other laptop then don’t worry this review is for you, in this article, I’ll share the Dell XPS 14 review with its specs, features and its rivals.

Here is the Dell XPS 14 Review, Specs & Features

Dell XPS 14 Display and Multimedia Experience

The display is the main attraction of the Dell XPS 14. It comes with a 14.5 inch 3.2K (3200 x 2000) OLED Infinity Edge touch display, with superb colors and contrast rendition, and is of the highest quality. This makes multimedia viewing truly enjoyable. Its screen, however, speeds response times and thus performs very well in terms of showing sharper images alternatively with smoother interactions. Overall, it’s a perfect laptop for multimedia use.

Dell XPS 14 Keyboard

Dell XPS 14 Review
Dell XPS 14 Review

The keyboard layout is impressive with less spacing between keys and instructs Dell to increase the efficiency of my typing, as per the company. Yet again, on the other side, some may unintentionally press the wrong keys till they get more used to typing. The capacitive function keys on top of the keyboard presented to this user a different touch, however without any tactile feedback. It seemed very different compared to the haptic keys.

Dell XPS 14 Connectivity and Port

For the case of connectivity, the XPS 14 comes with all necessary ports like Thunderbolt 4 Type-C ports are present, its UHS-II MicroSD card slot is also present which allows you to connect to different tools. It also has a 3.5mm audio combo jack so you can play your music on your headset of choice. Moreover, Dell adds a Type-C dongle for additional flexibility, not to mention that the ports will never be fully available if the laptop is on charge.

Dell XPS 14 Review
Dell XPS 14 Review

Dell XPS 14 Performance

The performance of XPS 14, the CPU and GPU configurations play a critical role in this device. It comes with Intel Core Ultra 7 Processor 155H accompanied with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 which is a 6GB GDDRR6 GPU. Thermals observe an optimum range that is kept within permissible limits, effective heat dissipation being the source of maintenance of performance under any condition.

Dell XPS 14 Gaming and Content Creation

The RTX 4050 is not the laptop’s strong point. However, this laptop has the potential to run games based on its specifications, particularly for long periods to view visual treats for the eyes considering the graphic setting. The XPS 14 impresses in gaming benchmarks with a good level of performance, even though it gets defeated by gaming laptops that were designed for this task.

For content creators, the XPS 14 stands out as a competent processor for light to moderate kinds of work, riding on its superb hardware setup and beautiful screen. With that, content creators, who like to record videos on their laptops will like the 1080p at 30 fps FHD RGB-IR camera which comes with many features like Dual-array microphones, an Ambient light sensor, and many more.

Dell XPS 14 Review
Dell XPS 14 Review

Dell XPS 14 Price and Value Proposition

The Dell XPS 14 is expensive to purchase, with the base configuration being at least $1700 USD and the top variant of the laptop will cost you $2400 USD. On the other hand, against rivals that compete in the same market space, it confronts rivalry because of the other laptops they sell that offer better value propositions, e.g., Razer’s Blade 14 and ASUS’s Zephyrus G14.

ProcessorIntel Core Ultra i7 Processor 155H
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 6GB GDDR6 GPU
Display14.5-inch 3.2K (3200 x 2000) OLED Infinity Edge touch display
KeyboardImpressive layout with less spacing between keys
ConnectivityThunderbolt 4 Type-C ports, UHS-II MicroSD card slot, 3.5mm audio combo jack
PortsType-C dongle included for additional flexibility
Webcam1080p at 30 fps FHD RGB-IR camera
AudioDual-array microphones, Ambient light sensor
Price RangeBase configuration: $1700 USD
Top variant: $2400 USD

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