How to Compress Photos on iPhone? Follow These 2 Easy Steps!

How to compress photos on iPhone: If you have an old iPhone or an iPhone that has almost full storage and you want free space without deleting your favorite photo, then it is possible. You can compress the photo size without deleting it. So, in this article, I’ll share how to compress photos on an iPhone in 2024. Let’s Begin!

How to Compress Photos on iPhone?

How to compress photos on iPhone
How to compress photos on iPhone

Choosing the Right Format

One important thing to consider is the appropriate format to control the file size when taking photos and videos. A number of devices provide hidden features such as “best compatibility” and “good efficiency.” Although “Best Compatibility” will provide cross-platform compatibility, it most likely will have a heavy file size. The different compression methods that the pair of applications use, such as “high efficiency,” which reduces the file size to slightly lower quality,

Opting for High-Efficiency Format

For the purpose of file size reduction, make sure to change the setting to “High Efficiency” while recording videos and clicking photos. Even though this format might end up being a little less perfect, quality is still relevant in distributing according to size and need. This size is the most suitable for daily use. In choosing this setting, the amount of space for the videos and photos can be reduced to the minimum, but the visual appearance can still be maintained.

How to compress photos on iPhone
How to compress photos on iPhone

Utilizing compression tools

However, for those who still insist on maintaining the original format but do want to cut the size smaller, there are many apps available at the third-party level. Another such feature is “Compress Photos and Pictures,” which allows users to compress images while the original video files are not changed. However, this option is not a good solution for visuals because it gives easy control over the size of images.

How does it Work?

After the installation of the application, users are allowed to grant access to their picture library, and then they are able to pick their desired photos, which are generally in large sizes. This application contains settings that enable options to vary both the size and the quality of the photos being compressed. Then the images are prepared for upload with all the adjusted settings and file sizes compressed, giving you a much smaller file size.


The amount of storage that you have on your device that is empty is very critical, and to make sure that there is free space and you operate at the desired level of efficiency, you need to manage files. The cut-down of file size is gained through the right format and compression techniques, which are performed by compressing the size of the photo, while only a little cue that won’t cause quality problems is required by the users for that.

We are not restricted to the default setting only; you can click on “High Efficiency,” or whether it is third-party apps, it will not be that limited in choices. As such, in the future, you might find yourself facing issues with file sizes, just keep those few small recommendations in mind to make your media collection as interesting as possible: Lighter and more efficient.

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