How To Unlink iPad and iPhone Text Messages? Follow These Methods!

How to Unlink iPad and iPhone Text Messages
How to Unlink iPad and iPhone Text Messages

How To Unlink iPad and iPhone Text Messages: Do you get frustrated every time you try to read a text message on your iPhone but it appears on your iPad? It may be annoying from the perspective of having an iPad full with the SMS or iMessage which should be addressed to the iPhone. On the other hand, the solution to SMS disturbance is simple and easy to solve. Letting go of auto-correct can be the key to getting your message right. Besides, today, I’ll share you information about how to unlink iPad and iPhone text messages.

Understanding the Issue

Before starting, you might discover that by default the SMS of your iPhone and the iPad are transferred to your iPad. While this feature is useful to certain users it can also culminate in messages being split into multiple boxes and informing about a rise of privacy concerns. Thankfully, disabling SMS forwarding is a simple process that you can do within your phone/ tablet settings.

Here is How To Unlink iPad and iPhone Text Messages?

Disabling Text Message Forwarding

To stop text messages from forwarding to your iPad, follow these simple steps to stop text messages from forwarding to your iPad, follow these simple steps:

Access Settings: First open the settings app on your iPhone.

Navigate to Your Account: Tap on the right side where your name is shown on the Setup app menu to access your Apple ID and iCloud settings.

Manage Devices: Scroll down to view the list of devices linked with your Apple ID. If your iPad is present here, it then must be linked to the same Apple ID or iCloud account as your iPhone.

Disable Text Message Forwarding: Click on the “Messages” button to open up the messages. Then you scroll down the page to find the “Text Message Forwarding” part.

Toggle Off: If Text Message Forwarding is listed as your iPad, just use the indicator directly next to it to switch it off. This will disconnect your iPad from receiving any new text messages that would appear on your iPhone.

Important Note

Rest assured that after disabling text message forwarding no of the existing messages in your phone will be deleted. You may wish to delete old messages from your iPad if that is the case, however, you must remove them manually. Just tap the Messages app on your iPad, choose the texts to be deleted and swipe them off the device.


Through these steps, you will find out how to actually prevent your iPhone’s texts from forwarding to your iPad and like that, you will have more control over your messaging experience. It does not matter if you choose to keep your devices independent or just need a simpler way to manage online accounts, disabling this feature can be implemented effortlessly. Get in control of your message privacy and minimize the piles of texts you receive by disabling text forwarding on your iPad today.

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