How To Play ‘Pong’ Hidden Instagram Game

How To Play Hidden Instagram Game 'Pong'

Play Hidden Instagram Game ‘Pong’:- I think you also played the dinosaur game on your Google Chrome when your internet is not working. The dinosaur with pixel like theme, is interesting game right?

Instagram also have this type of hidden game called Pong. This year in march Instagram launch this hidden emoji Pong game. You can only play this game by accessing on DMs.

In this article We are going to tell you How To Play Hidden Instagram Game ‘Pong’, Follow the easy steps and comment your high score.

How To Play The Hidden Emoji Game On Instagram ‘Pong’?

To start the Hidden Emoji Instagram game, go to a chat with your friend. Send just one single emoji, like a smiley face or heart. After sending that one emoji, tap or click right on the emoji you sent.

Untitled design 15 3

The emoji you picked will start bouncing around the corners of your chat screen, its like the old Pong video game from years ago.

Untitled design 16 2

Look at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see a black line you can move left and right by swiping with your fingers. You have is to hit the bouncing emoji with the line so it doesn’t fall down off the screen.

The longer you keep hitting the emoji up, the faster it will start bouncing around for more of a challenge.

Untitled design 17 2

still confused? you can follow this video

Three things to know about Instagram’s Hidden emoji game

  1. It’s just for one person playing. You can’t compete against a friend at the same time. But you can take a picture of your high score and share it, to challenge others.
  2. Any emoji can start up the game. Smiley faces, animals, foods, flag symbols. Select any emoji you want.
  3. You can only play when your phone/tablet is connected to the internet. its online game so not work in offline mod.

Final Words

Hope you guys successfully unlock this hidden emoji game on your Instagram. Its not so good game compared to todays gaming genre but its ok to pass the time. And this is not a multiplayer game so you can not play with your friends.

You can share the screenshots of your high score to challenge your friend.

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