Lenovo Legion Pro 5i Review: Here is the Best Affordable Gaming Laptop

Lenovo Legion Pro 5i Review
Lenovo Legion Pro 5i Review

Lenovo Legion Pro 5i Review: Legion Pro 5i is a budget gaming laptop in which you’ll get great performance without breaking the bank. Moreover, it’s an all-rounder laptop good for multimedia experience as well, before getting the laptop let’s first discuss its specs. So, in this article, I’ll share the Lenovo Legion Pro 5i review with its specs and features.

Here is the Lenovo Legion Pro 5i Review, Specs & Features

Legion Pro 5i Design

Lenovo Legion Pro 5i Review
Lenovo Legion Pro 5i Review

Though it is filled with awesome internals, the Legion Pro 5i remains light and easy to carry around, and therefore it is an excellent choice for mobile gaming. Because of its lightweight and slim profile, it fits into any backpack without the feeling of carrying stone on its shoulders. There are some disadvantages of this laptop, it has a decent trackpad which is not smoother compared to other gaming laptops and the body of the laptop can have some major issues because of the plastic use, it comes with a common plastic body.

Legion Pro 5i Performance

The Lenovo Legion Pro 5i contains high-end parts to ensure excellent performance. It comes with an i7 13700 HX Intel processor and the Nvidia RTX 4070 graphic card with a RAM of 8 GB. You can take an i9 CPU also with the budget can go up to 2k bucks. But, these parts complement each other perfectly to make any game run even the most challenging ones with no difficulties. As it comes with 4 different GPU variants, if you don’t have any budget then must go for RTX 4090, it also comes with RTX 4060 and 4080.

Lenovo Legion Pro 5i Review
Lenovo Legion Pro 5i Review

Legion Pro 5i Display

With a 16-inch QD Plus resolution, the Legion Pro 5i has a 2560×1600 display that enables ultra-sharp visuals for an amazing gaming experience. You can get either a 240Hz with 500-nit display or 165Hz with a 300-nit display, both delivering extremely smooth gameplay with vivid colors. In this regard, the range of colors might not be as wide as that of some high-end displays yet it delivers a satisfactory visual experience for majority of the gamers.

Legion Pro 5i Audio and Webcam

One aspect in which the Legion Pro 5i is inferior is its audio quality. The on-board speakers lack bass and quality, so external speakers or headphones become necessary to project the realistic immersion you’re looking for. What’s more, even though the webcam can manage decent-quality video calls, it is weak in color replication and detail.

Legion Pro 5i Software

A really great thing about the Legion Pro 5i is the Lenovo old software which allows for a lot of personal customization and optimization. From controlling fan profiles to adjusting power limits users have full control over their PC performance at hand. The CPU energy-saving mode and some other features can extend battery life without affecting the performance of the laptop.

Legion Pro 5i Gaming Performance

Lenovo Legion Pro 5i Review
Lenovo Legion Pro 5i Review

As for the Legion Pro 5i, in regards to gaming performance, it does not disappoint. With impressive frame rates in titles like Apex Legends and Hell Divers 2 gamers are promised smooth gameplay even at higher settings. On the other hand, games like Cyberpunk 2077 need modifications in order to get the best performance and VRAM might be the reason for this, but if you don’t have budget issues then must go for RTX 4090, this GPU will provide 100fps+ in Cyberpunk and many more triple titles games.

Lenovo Legion Pro 5i Review & Specs

ProcessorIntel Core i7-13700 HX (Optional: i9 CPU)
Graphics CardNvidia RTX 4070 (Optional: RTX 4060, 4080, 4090)
Display16-inch QD Plus, 2560×1600 resolution
Display Options– 240Hz, 500-nit<br>- 165Hz, 300-nit
AudioOn-board speakers lack bass; recommend external audio
WebcamDecent-quality video, weak color replication
SoftwareLenovo’s customization and optimization software
Gaming PerformanceSmooth gameplay in most titles; modifications needed for some demanding games

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