Xiaomi Watch S3 Review: Here is the Rolex of All SmartWatches!

Xiaomi Watch S3 Review
Xiaomi Watch S3 Review

Xiaomi Watch S3 Review: If you’re looking for a smartwatch that looks cool and also performs well in any tasks like sleep monitoring, step count, and many more then you’ll like this watch, and mainly fitness freaks will love to get this watch, The Xiaomi Watch S3 is cheaper than the OnePlus Watch 2, but both watches have the same features but the S3 has a different design, so let’s come to the point, in this article, I’ll share Xiaomi Watch S3 review and features.

Here is the Xiaomi Watch S3 Review

Watch S3 Design

Xiaomi Watch S3 looks different but cool in terms of design, as the watch design is a bit different from other smartwatches. With its solid aluminum alloy frame, it gives an impression of extreme reliability while maintaining the style. Though the watch may be slightly oversized, it is still comfortable to wear on the wrist and weighs around 40 grams. Apart from its competitors, the OnePlus Watch 2, provides a lighter alternative without missing the functionality.

Watch S3 Customization Options

The customizable design of the Xiaomi Watch S3 is one of its outstanding features. With that, you can change the strap as the interchangeable bezels and straps enable you to change the look to fit your mood. Be it the practical rubber straps designed for workouts or the luxurious leather, you can decide your choice. Furthermore, the twist-off bezel provides individuality as now creating a different look becomes simpler.

Watch S3 Display

One of the main attractions of the Xiaomi Watch S3 is its beautiful 1.43-inch AMOLED screen. This display has a resolution of 466 x 466 pixels which is common in the segment but the S3 watch display has some crisp which provides great detail and vivid colors even with the sun shining bright. The screen is big enough to read menus with ease, whereas the auto-brightness feature adjusts itself for various lighting environments.

Watch S3 Functionality

Xiaomi’s exclusive Hyper OS equips the Watch S3 with various features that address various daily needs. By way of customizable widgets and quick toggles that can be accessed by swiping from side to side, it takes user experience to the next level. Even though it lacks the intense app support of other platforms, it makes up for this with functions that include health tracking, notifications, and media controls.

Watch S3 Health Tracking

For fitness freaks, the Xiaomi Watch S3 serves as a trustworthy partner. With correct step counting, calorie calorific, and heart rate monitoring, it will be easy to take care of your fitness objectives. Even though there is a slight chance that errors can happen in heart rate detection especially, this gadget remains a great instrument for tracking your overall health and activity levels. But as a tech expert, I’ll say if you’re buying this watch as a medical product then don’t instead use the certified original medical product for correct results.

Watch S3 Battery Life

The second benefit of the Xiaomi Watch S3 is its incredible battery life. The fact that it has a 486mAh capacity and can stay on for up to 15 days on a single charge makes it far better than many competitors in terms of efficiency. Though some of the features like the always-on display may affect the battery life, the overall endurance is still amazing lasting up to a week at a time if the average usage is considered.

DesignSolid aluminum alloy frame, interchangeable bezels and straps
Weight40 grams
Display1.43-inch AMOLED, 466 x 466 pixels
OSXiaomi Hyper OS
Battery LifeUp to 15 days (average use), up to 7 days (heavy use)
Health TrackingStep counting, calorie tracking, heart rate monitoring
Water Resistance5 ATM
Other FeaturesCustomizable widgets, quick toggles, notifications, media controls
Xiaomi Watch S3 Review Video

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