How to connect JBL headphones to iPhone? Follow These Easy Steps

How to connect JBL headphones to iPhone?
How to connect JBL headphones to iPhone?

It’s super easy to connect JBL headphones to an iPhone, you need to follow some steps and in seconds the device will connect to to JBL speaker or earbuds. Follow the below steps carefully so that so can can connect your JBL speaker or earbuds. So, in this helpful guide, I’ll tell you how to connect JBL headphones to iPhone.

How to connect JBL headphones to iPhone?

Connecting Your JBL Bluetooth Earbuds:

Open the Earbud Cover: Start by taking out the JBL Bluetooth earbud pairing instructions from its cover. Wait for the earbuds’ white light buttons to stop flashing before moving on.

Remove the Earbuds: When the blinking lights have vanished on the earbuds then simply take it out of its case. Every time you see the blue light on both earbuds and the solid light blinking that means to pair.

Access Bluetooth Settings: Access the iPhone’s Bluetooth settings. The device will look for the available Bluetooth devices and then will connect to the selected one.

Connect to Your JBL Earbuds: In the device list, find the JBL earbuds and choose them to connect to both gadgets. Then the smartphone blinks three times, and the Bluetooth indicators on the earbuds will turn off.

Setting Up the JBL Headphones App:

Download and Open the App: If that hasn’t happened, you can get the JBL Headphones application through your App Store. Open the app on your iOS your iPhone.

Device Selection: The application will connect to your earbuds if they have been already connected to your phone. It will automatically recognize and choose the device. In case, you choose to do it on your own, get your hands on your earbud and make the appropriate choice of either Ant or Mic.

How to connect JBL headphones to iPhone?
How to connect JBL headphones to iPhone?

Initial Setup: Touch the screen to get to the beginning of the installation, and tap “Notifications” and also “Accept” the current situation. First of all, make sure that Bluetooth is switched on in your device.

Automatic Detection: The App will determine the kind of earbuds you are using and then begin to carry out the process of configuration.

Customization Options: As part of the app, there is a variety of features to help you personalize your playback. These include:

Noise Cancelling: Select among the options: ambient awareness or ear dandy being used with noise canceling being some popular choices.

Equalizer Settings: Choose from a variety of presets incorporated like JAZZ, VOCAL, BASS, CLUB, or Studio to enable you to personalize your sound. To be more precise, the user can fine-tune the settings on the device, per their desires.

Control Preferences: State how your specific actions or navigations such as pressing and double-clicking for volume adjustment or track skipping are possible on your earbuds.

Find My Buds Feature: In case you lose the earbuds, utilize the “Find My Buds” within the app which further lets you track your device. This will instead prompt the earbud’s speaker in the selected ear to make a very loud noise so you can locate it.


Fixing JBL Bluetooth earbuds to your iPhone and defining your settings through JBL Headphone Apps make your listening experience more immersive and good. If equalizer settings need to be tweaked to get the quality sound you want or if you want to define control preferences for convenience, rest assured you will have no regrets after going through all these little but significant steps.

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